The Indian Arts Circle was established in October 1978 and formally registered in May 1979. The Indian Arts Circle is a non profit making organization. Its aims and objectives are to organise Indian cultural programmes for the members and the general public, inculcate interest in drama, music, dance, literature and visual arts among the members, and to co-operate with similar organisations. The group organises a couple of programmes every year to provide opportunities to local talent, and also invites renowned artistes from India.

Over the years, the Indian Arts Circle has performed dance, music and drama programs in venues such as City Hall, Cultural Centre, The Hong Kong Arts Centre, Ko Shan Theatre and the Science Museum. We have organised programmes such as Antakshari, Sa-re-ga-ma- pa with local artists. While promoting the local talent, we have also invited renowned Singers, Musicians and dancers from India to perform for us.

While laying emphasis on the performing arts, the Indian Arts Circle has given equal value to the Visual Arts by holding painting and photo exhibitions.

The Circle currently has 350 life members. The Consul General of India and Mrs. Purviz Shroff are  Honorary Patrons, and Mr. G.T. Gul is the Permanent Adviser of the Circle